N. John Habraken (john@habraken.org)


Housing for the Millions, John Habraken and the SAR (1960-2000)

NAI Publishers, Rotterdam, 2000, ISBN 90 56621785

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Chapter 1, Koos Bosma: The Mass-Produced Dwelling: Unique in the Crowd?

Chapter 2, Dorine van Hoogstraten: Between Structure and Form. Habraken and the Alternative to Mass-housing.

Chapter 3, Martijn Vos: The Foundation for Architect's Research (SAR) in Good Times and Bad.

Chapter 4, Dorine van Hoogstraten and Martijn Vos: The SAR methodology as Applied to Housing Construction, Product Development, and Education.

Chapter 5, Dorine van Hoogstraten: Habraken and the SAR under Fire.

Chapter 6, Koos Bosma: The SAR and the Home of the Future.

Notes; Appendix I, Archives consulted; Appendix II, Interviews.


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