N. John Habraken (john@habraken.org)

tTitles in the Japanese Language


"Architecture and Agreement - A Report on Research for New Design Methods". (Overview of my work on design methods 1965-1985). Kenchiku Bunka,Volume 42, Number 486, April 1987.


Translation of : “New Wave in Building”. Ir. Adri Proveniers and prof.dr.Helga Fassbinder, van Gorcum, Assen/Maastricht, Eindhoven TU, ISBN 90-232-2582-1


Translation of: "Architecture as Interplay”. Interview with Eric Vreedenburgh and Ype Cuperus. In: "Untangled Buiding?" publication at the occasion of Prof. A. van Randen's retirement from TU Delft, Eric Vreedenburgh editor, OBOM publication. ISBN-88331-006-X-C3052_P2000



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