N. John Habraken (john@habraken.org)

List of titles on Designing


The Appearance of the Form”, Cambridge, Awater Press,1985. Private edition. Second ed. 1988.

"Concept Design Games: Book One: Developing. Book Two: Playing." A report submitted to the National Science Foundation. Cambridge: MIT Department of Architecture, 1987. With Mark D. Gross, and James Anderson, Nabeel Hamdi, John Dale, Sergio Palleroni, Ellen Saslaw, Ming-Hung Wang.

"The Grunsfeld Variations: A demonstration project on the coordination of a design team in urban design." Cambridge, MIT Laboratory for Architecture and Planning, 1981. With J.A. Aldrete-Haas, R. Chow, T. Hille, P. Krugmeier, M. Lampkin, A. Mallows, A Mignucci, Y. Takase, K. Weller, T. Yokouchi.

"Tools of the Trade", Discussion paper for the Department of Architecture, MIT, Februari 1996.

"Concept Design Games." With Mark Gross, Design Studies, Vol. 9 , Number 3, July 1988.

"Concept Design Games: Design games for Experimentation in Design Theory and Methodology." With Mark Gross. / Waldron, Ed. Oakland, CA:Proceedings, NSF Workshop in Design Theory and Methodology, 1987.

"You Can't Design the Ordinary." Architectural Design, April 1971.


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