N. John Habraken (john@habraken.org)

List of titles on Technique and Industrialization


Kendall, Stephen: Europe's "Matura Infill System" Quickly Routes Utilities for Custom Remodeling, in: Automated Builder, May 1996

Pawley, Martin: "WOBO: a new kind of message in a bottle", chapter in Pawley's book: Garbage Housing, Architectural Press, UK, 1975, ISBN 0 85139 240 7. On the design of the Heineken beer bottle with which one could build houses.

With Rinus van den Berg, "Het ontwerp van het Inbouwpakket". Rotterdam: Bouwcentrum Rotterdam, 1974.

"SAR Methodiek; reorganisatie bouwproces". Series of three articles in Industrieel Bouwen, Nos. 5, 6, and 7, 1971.

"L'Habitat, l'Homme, et l'Industrie". L'Architecture D'Aujourd'hui, Feb/March, 1970.

"Quality and Quantity: the Industrialisation of Housing". Forum, Vol. XVIII, No. 2, 1964.

With E. Dluhosch. "The Role of Industrial Production for Increasing Housing Production in the Low Income Sector in Egypt". Ekistics, Vol. 47, No. 280, Jan/Feb 1980.




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