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In subsequent exercises I want to discuss layering of forms in a different way: this time by containment. This is a juxtaposition of systems on different levels where the first form encloses the second (as with a base building containing a fit-out system, or with a layout of streets and lots containing buildings placed in it.) After this, we will be able to move towards the development of entire urban fields that have no intrinsic boundaries but reveal an inner structure which governs the layering of systems.

In addition, a separate set of exercises must deal with type and its many elaborations. This will allow us to appreciate the power of typology as a thematic force by which fields are formed and kept coherent while displaying endless variety. A seventh course, finally, may summarize the various methodological tools we have learned to apply as we went along the preceding exercises, and may lead us a bit deeper into the principles behind them in the hope that the student may develop, eventually, her own methodical tools.

In a separate format I would like to show examples of student work done in the original MIT course and discuss, in some detail, the way thematic design exercises in general may be set up.

Much remains to be done..........


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