N. John Habraken (john@habraken.org)

Notes on a Network Profession
in: Places, vol 12, No.3, 1999


This article reflects on the consequences of the fact that ours has become a network profession and, as such, became divorced from local values and conditions.

It argues that therefore we must be capable to honor values held by those we work for in a given location, even when these are not necessarily shared by us.

This means our work must become part of a larger whole already in place. In that sense our work becomes increasingly part of an open ended and continuous process.. The concept of the autonomous building, under full design control, is outdated.

The idea that a profession could determine, by invention, everyday environment is similarly outdated. We must seek an attitude where we contribute by cultivation of what is there already.

Subheadings are:

One: How holding fixed values no longer works with global practice

Two: How in everyday practice architecture will have less and less to do with discreet buildings.

Three: How inhabitation takes care of its own



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