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List of titles on Methods of design


"The Grunsfeld Variations: A demonstration project on the coordination of a design team in urban design." Cambridge, MIT Laboratory for Architecture and Planning, 1981. With J.A. Aldrete-Haas, R. Chow, T. Hille, P. Krugmeier, M. Lampkin, A. Mallows, A Mignucci, Y. Takase, K. Weller, T. Yokouchi.

“Emergent Coherent Behavior of Complex Configurations through Automated Maintenance of Dominance relations”. With J.Willem R. Langelaan.In: Proceedings ISARC 2003, 20th. International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction. Eindhoven the Netherlands.Ger Maas, Frans van Gassel, Ed. ( make link to new page)

“ Formsheet, design data manager”, draft proposal, 1998, 68 pages, Unpublished paper

Variations, the Systematic Design of Supports. With J.T.Boekholt, A.P.Thyssen, P.J.M. Dinjens: MIT Laboratory for Architecture and Planning; distributed by MIT Press, Cambridge, USA and London 1976. English translation by W.Wiewel and Sue Gibbons from the original Dutch publication: Denken in Varianten,. Alphen a/d Rijn, Samson, 1974.

"Deciding on Density: An investigation into high density, low rise, allotment for the Waldeck Area, the Hague." Eindhoven, SAR, 1977. With Joop Kapteyns and John Carp.

"Tools of the Trade", Discussion paper for the Department of Architecture, MIT, Februari 1996.

"Operations: the Designer's Tools." Seminar paper MIT, draft for presentation. 1989.

"The Uses of Levels." Proceedings of the UNESCO Regional Seminar on Shelter for the Homeless, Nov. 1988.

With Mark Gross, "Spatial Coordination Program." Tokyo. Research report for the Shimizu Corp.

"Shell Infill House: A study of the application of the Open Systems approach in Housing Design." Japan, May/June 1987.

"Notes on Lay-out Methodology." VLSI Design, Working Paper, 1983.

"Comment on: Hierarchical Design Methodologies and Tools of VLSI Chips, a paper by C. Niessen", Eindhoven: Philips Physics Research Lab Working paper, 1982.

"Methods for Efficient Housing Design." Invited paper, presented at the International Colloquium on Low-Cost Housing Financing, INFONAVIT, Mexico City, 1982.

"Experiences and Practical Application of SAR Methods in Design and Production of Houses." Paper presented at the Europrefab Conference, Paris. 1975.

"SAR 73, The Methodical Formulation of Agreements in the Design of Urban Tissues." First publication on basic principles of SAR method on urban tisue design. Eindhoven, SAR, 1973. With Henk Reyenga and Frans van der Werf.

"SAR Design Method for Housing: Seven Years of Development in the Real World." DMG-DRS Journal for Design Research Methods, Vol. 7, No. 3, July/Sept. 1973.

With Ir. M.F.Th. Bax: "Systematische Ontwikkeling van Plattegronden in een gegeven Woonstruktuur met Behulp van de Computer”. 1971 Bouw, Vol. 25, Nos. 31 and 32.

"SAR 65, Proposals by the Foundation for Architect's Research". First publication of the basic principles of SAR method for support design. SAR, Eindhoven,1965. Principal Investigator, With Hans van Olphen.

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