N. John Habraken (john@habraken.org)

Questions that will not go away

Some remarks on long term trends in Architecture and their Impact on Architectural education. in: Shaping the European Higher Architecture Education Area, Transactions in Architectural Education no. 18. Editors Constantin Spiridinodines and Maria Voyatzaki. ISBN 2-930301-14-7. 2003.

This paper is based on a Keynote speech at the conference of heads of Architectural Schools in Europe, held in Hania, Crete, Greece, 2003. The spoken text was recorded and edited by Maria Voyatzaki.

The main subject of the paper is the contradiction in contemporary architecture between the ideology of architecture as special and of an innovative and avant gardist nature geared towards self expression of the architect - artist on the one hand and, on the other hand, the claim that everything built, the entire everyday environment, is potentially architecture and part of the profession’s territory.

Three areas of conflict between architectural ideology and everyday environment are pointed out: Everyday
environment is based on shared values, that it is subject to constant change and that it implies distribution of design control. In contrast to which architectural ideology seeks original self expression, permanence, and centralized design control.

The paper also discusses the impact of this contradiction on architectural education.

Rio Highrises

[Questions that will not go away]