N. John Habraken (john@habraken.org)

Three R's for Housing
Amsterdam, Scheltema & Holkema, 1970; originally published in Forum, vol. XX, no 1, 1966.


Spanish translation: Tres Notas Sobre Vivienda, in AUCA, no 29/30, Santiago de Chile, 1975; and Tres Principios Fundamentales para la Vivienda, in Summarios, No. 8, 1972, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Italian translation: A Come Abitare, in: N. J. Habraken ed il gruppo SAR, Instituto di Composizione Urbanistica, Venezia, 1973.

Norwegian Translation: Bolig byggingens ABC, in Byggekunst, no2, vol 52, Norway, 1970

French translation: Pour Qui, Pour Quoi: Reflexion a propos de l'Habitat. In: Environnement No. 3, 1970. Belgium.

 After publication of 'Supports' It was noted that I proposed an alternative for mass housing without showing any pictures. This, of course, was done on purpose as I felt the issue was one of approach and method and not of architecture in the first place. Although, no doubt, this new approach might lead to a new architecture.

I decided my readers should have something with pictures conveying the same message. 3R's for housing was a story in iconic images explaining the gradual alienation of the user from the process of making shelter. In addition photographs were added. It proved indeed attractive to an audience more familiar with visual images than abstract ideas, and was reprinted in several languages.

After all these years this little story still summarizes the problem of housing in a concise way, and may still serve as a good introduction to what is behind most of my writings and research.


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