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List of titles on Housing


See for titles specifically on housing design methods the "On methods of design" list


Design for Flexibility towards a research agenda, Review of the book “Flexible Housing” by Tatanja Schneider and Jeremy Till, Architectural Press,(2007) ISBN 978-0-75-068202-2. In: Building Research & Information, 36-3, 2008.

Supports: an Alternative to Mass Housing, U.K., Urban International Press, Edited by Jonathan Teicher. Reprint of the 1972 English edition.

Three R's for Housing. Amsterdam, Scheltema & Holkema, 1970; originally published in Forum, vol. XX, no 1, 1966.

Woningbouw en het Probleem van de Architectuur,in: LisA, Architectuurtijdschrift, jaargang 1, no 2. 1998

"Support and Infill, Design and Implementation". Proceedings, Seminar on Urban Housing Towards the 21st Century, Tainan, Taiwan. 1994.

"An Efficient Response to Users' Individual Preferences". Paper presented at the Housing Design 2000 Conference, September 1992.

Who is Participating?"Design Coalition Team", Behesti, Ed. International Design Participation Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1, 1985. Also published in: "Occasional Paper" UK: University of Strathclyde, Dept. of Arch. and Building Science, 1985.

"Methods for Efficient Housing Design". Invited paper, presented at the International Colloquium on Low-Cost Housing Financing, INFONAVIT, Mexico City, 1982.

"Lower Housing Costs Through Design for Adaptability". Invited paper, presented to the International Colloquium on Low-cost Housing Financing, INFONAVIT, Mexico City, 1982.

With E. Dluhosch. "The Role of Industrial Production for Increasing Housing Production in the Low Income Sector in Egypt". Ekistics, Vol. 47, No. 280, Jan/Feb 1980.

"Housing Cultivation instead of Mass Housing". Keynote address, Seminar on Development of New Approaches to Housing Policy and Production in Egypt. TAP Report 78-4. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT, 1978.

"Experiences and Practical Application of SAR Methods in Design and Production of Houses". Paper presented at the Europrefab Conference, Paris. 1975.

"Objectifs de l'Habitat et de son Industrialisation", contribution to B. Hamburger, Ed., CORDA-DGRST, Paris. 1974.

"SAR Design Method for Housing: Seven Years of Development in the Real World". DMG-DRS Journal for Design Research Methods, Vol. 7, No. 3, July/Sept. 1973.

"De SAR Methodiek."Woningraad”, No. 4. 1973.

"Involving People in the Housing Process". RIBA Journal, November 1972.

"Das Ende Des Wohnbauprojectes". Architese, No. 1, 1972.

"L'Habitat, l'Homme, et l'Industrie". L'Architecture D'Aujourd'hui, Feb/March, 1970.

"Individu en Industrialisatie in de Drager Woningbouw". Lecture at conference on SAR in Bergeyk, the Netherlands. Published by: Stichting Werkgemeenschappen Bergeyk, 1966.

"Quality and Quantity: the Industrialisation of Housing". Forum, Vol. XVIII, No. 2, 1964.

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